ARPAV Livelli Idrometrici

The application shows the situation of the rivers of the Veneto accessing data on the quantities of rain fall or the water level reached by the rivers in the last 3 days. Once users have selected the monitoring station, they can view the graph with the values ​​recorded by the station's sensors... Read more


Pegel-Online displays data on the water level from over 400 measuring points for rivers in Germany. These include for exmple Rhein, Mosel, Oder, Main etc. based on the data from www.pegelonline.wsv.de... Read more

What’s in Your Backyard

What’s in Your Backyard (WIYBY) is the map service with which the Environment Agency makes  much of its spatial data available to the general public. It helps fulfill the Environment Agency's obligations to proactively provide access to information under the Freedom of Information Act, the associated Environmental Information Regulations. It replies to questions like "Am I at risk of flooding?" or "Are flood warnings issued in my area?" but also provides a great deal of information on how European legislation (Bathing Waters and Water Framework Directives) is implemented or how funds granted by Defra are used to protect people from flood (Flood and Costal Risk Management Schemes). The data can be searched both spatially and through a data search method. Simple reports are generated to give an overview of the information available at a particular location or with specific search parameters. Updates are applied to What’s in Your Backyard weekly, in order to maintain the data currency and to enhance the service.  ... Read more