real estate

Neighbourhood Finder

The app helps people relocating to find the ideal neighborhood for their lifestyle. Users can choose from over 50 criteria and get the top 5 neighbourhoods for them in the 7 largest Canadian cities. Most popular criteria are house pricing, school quality, commute type, proximity of amenities, safety, etc... Read more

Ready Set Home

Ready Set Home is a tool to help homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers, make informed choices when buying a home. Ready Set Home offers tools to guide users to figure out how much they can comfortably afford to spend as well as keep track of all the details during the homebuying process... Read more


This app developed by the Housing and Development Board allows a user to check on flat sales application results; availability of flats for public viewing; expected completion dates for new flats; recent transacted prices for resale flats; locate HDB offices and get directions on how to get there... Read more