Net Salary Calculator

Net Salary Calculator allows users to work out their net salary, after tax and National Insurance have been deducted. The calculator will display a breakdown of earnings so that users can see how much of their salary is taxable, how much tax they will pay, how much National Insurance they will pay, how much student loan they will pay (if applicable) and how much of their salary they will keep. Results are broken down by year, week, month and day (based on a five-day working week).   ... Read more

Listen to taxman - UK PAYE Tax Calculator

Showing an accurate breakdown of tax, national insurance, pension contributions, childcare vouchers, student loan repayments, and employer national insurance, this tax calculator gives UK employees a full detailed analysis of their salary on a yearly, monthly, 4 weekly, 2 weekly, week and daily basis... Read more is an unofficial mash-up, which was built using publicly available government information. makes it easier to find out how much council tax you pay for your property... Read more